Rope Pear Socket


Connection for grabs

Connect steel wire rops

Bulk material handling

Cranes, loading technology


The most reliable and safest rope pear socket

Suitable for all your (compacted) steel wire ropes

A lot of different sizes available


All sizes available from stock, worldwide availability

The most reliable and safest rope pear socket

Specially designed to smoothly pass over cable sheaves

Long lifespan

In the application of unloading systems the reliability is a very important point. Nemag products are tested and built for a long life. Every downtime and not planed maintenance costs money and therefore you should only use products of very high quality. We develop solutions for our customer, we adapt systems and are on site with our customers, if they request it. We know the market and the applications very well.

Rope Pear Socket. The Original.

Quality is a must.

Our rope pear sockets increases safety in your plant and installed equipment. We know that there also exist a lot of competitors, but it only exists one original. The rope pear socket seems to be an easy product, but our technology behind this product is enormous. 

You want to optimize your productivity.

Let us start together to work on our suitable offer for your. Our specialists from Siethom appreciate to review direct on site your application and common plant situation. We listen to our clients wishes and we pass on our knowledge to the customer.

The safest way to handle material.

For the longest lifespan and great safety.

Our rope pear sockets are made out of high-grade austenitic manganese steel. That is why they generally last longer than steel wire ropes. The standard range of Nemag rope pear sockets is available for almost all of your steel wire ropes. For special high strength wire ropes – like compacted steel wire ropes – we have invented the S-series rope pear sockets: ideal to be used in combination with your 8-strand steel wire ropes. Our rope pear socket increases safety and is designed to smoothly pass over cable sheaves. The sockets can be fitted by means of a 2-component resin or by hot socketing.

Our Clients

Abu Dhabi Port

Safe production is very important for us. Siethom could help us.

Bahrain Steel

We are always looking for the perfect solution. With Siethom, we were able to find it.

Kuwat National Petrolium

Shutdown costs money. We trust in Siethom's products and their service.

Quatar Steel

We work together with Siethom since years and appreciate their support.


Since more than 10 years Siethom is a very close partner and supplier.

Connection for grabs

In the application of unloading systems the reliability is a very important point. Nemag products are tested and built for a long life.


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Siethom has own locations in Austria, Hungary, Abu Dhabi and Jakarta. We develop real solutions and we always try to optimize your production line. Our well experienced employees will work out for you the best and economic solution.