Clamshell Grab


Handling of bulk material

Working in ports and terminal areas

Loading places


Most productive grab

Four-rope grab

Capacities between 20 and 85 tons


Lowest maintenance costs

Lightest clamshell grab

Environment-friendly design

Fastest and most reliable handling

This type of clamshell grab is the most productive grab on the market. We believe in a balance of material, production and delivery to take care of our nature and resources. To order from us or cooperate you can be sure, that you install a product with a high rate of sustainability. The added value is enormous, like worldwide availability of parts or easy to assemble and disassemble. Our production is optimized and we can guarantee a short delivery time.

Clamshell grab. The king of grabs.

Competitive pricing.

With an updated manufacturing process and we enhanced our clamshell grab with modular parts. The result is a competitive price, while still using the highest quality materials available. The optimized manufacturing process also guarantees a shorter​ lead time for the clamshell grab.

Lowest maintenance cost

Market research shows that the highest cost of any grab will always be the operating expenditure, OPEX. We want to keep the OPEX of our customers as low as possible. That is why we only use the most durable materials and decreased the number of parts that are open to wear and tear.

Our clients believe in trust.

95 years of experience.

Experience is nothing from a short time. We put a lot into the training of our employees and we are constantly developing our products. A worry-free chain consisting of quality, service and support speaks for us. Research and development move us and our customers forward. Innovative and sustainable products and technologies are our goal. And, of course, satisfied customers.

Our Clients

Vale Oman

Innovative product solutions, perfect support and quality.

Abu Dhabi Port

We appreciate the good and informative communication.

Kuwait National Petrolium

We have products from Nemag in operation and they succeeded in developing an ideal grab.

Bahrain Steel

The grab that will increase your productivity and good support from Siethom.

Quatar Steel

Mr. Mitter and Varghese are always trying to find a solution. Good job from Siethom.

Handling of bulk material

This type of clamshell grab is the most productive grab on the market. Environment-friendly design. Fastest and most reliable handling.


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Siethom has own locations in Austria, Hungary, Abu Dhabi and Jakarta. We develop real solutions and we always try to optimize your production line. Our well experienced employees will work out for you the best and economic solution.