Vacuum Cleaning


Steel mills

Cement plants



Chemical industry


Clean the production area, the loading cranes

collect flying fibres from the production area

Remove dust from the surface of the plant


Reduction of the risk of explosion

Increase of the environment quality and safety for operators

Better environment quality and health of the workers

Reduction of the maintenance cost, recovery of the product spillage

Since the beginning, we have been concerned with the environment and cleanliness. We offer Vacuum Cleaning products and provide our customers with customized solutions. We manufacture, develop and provide solutions. In the industrial vacuum cleaner sector we offer 100% European products and we support worldwide clients. Siethom is able to offer solutions adapted to every requirement, guaranteeing the perfect efficiency of the machines and the services of complete assistance and training, providing to the customers perfect efficiency in a short time.

Vacuum Cleaning Systems.

Quality proofed.

Every vacuum unit is tested under real conditions and we focus in quality and innovation. Our quality standard is ISO 9001 proofed. Most of the inspection is done by external and international boards. The tested parameters are: filtration efficiency, waste disposal of toxicant or dangerous material, expolsion risk zones (Atex).

Our goal to clean your production area.

Cleanliness means a safer industry, happy employees and more profits. We focus on technology and innovation, develop solutions together with our customers. We can offer a wide range of products. You can also benefit from our maintenance contracts.

We focus in innovation.

Our mission: clean and safe plants.

We are offering standard vacuum cleaning products, but we can also work out customized solutions. You are interested, then send us your request or problem through. Our specialists will be happy to prepare a non-binding offer. Our product line includes vacuum cleaning solutions, trailer and trucks and pre-separators.

Our Clients

Lafarge Holcim

Our products are placed in Ras Al Khaimah in the Emirates.


We delivered a complete vacuum unit to Orpic in Oman.


Products from vacuum solutions were installed at the plant in Oman.

Innovation in Vacuum cleaning systems

Cleanliness means a safer industry, happy employees and more profits. We focus on technology and innovation, develop solutions together with our customers.


Type: S500

Type: S1000


The latest addition to the Sibilia textile sector: a pre-separator equipped with a 7.5 kW side channel pump and a Big Bag container with capacity equal to 1 m³.

Trailer and Trucks

Perfect for large-scale vacuuming. SCH. 2187 outfitting consists of a cistern with collection capacity from 8 to 12 m³, installed on a platform.


Industrial vacuum installed on driving license B van. Offer quick service at sites requiring powder material suction.

Installed on a platform, it is supplied with a single telescopic piston and hydraulic bottom opening.

SCH. 2064 outfitting involves a collection container with capacity from 3.5 to 7 m³.


Type: DS1505

Type: DS1505 AIR

Type: DS3000

Type: DS3002

Type: DS3000 AIR

Type: DS5000

Type: DS5002

Type: DS8000

Type: DS8


F1 is a dust collector designed for the targeted use of dust filtration.

F100 is a high performance stationary unit designed to vacuum all types of powdery material.

This is a movable version of the F100 unit.

Raised version of the F100 unit. The suction system is installed on a telescopic frame which allows for commercial Big Bag unloading.


Mobile pre-separator with wheels and tipper, with lever control, is suitable for the collection of loose material of the solid type, dusty granulate.

Mobile preseparator with bottom discharge.

Mobile pre-separator with front gravitational discharge and with internal inclined ramp.


Type: AL202

Type: AL202 AIR

Type: AL602 - AL1002


S5/20 is the entry-level model of the High Vacuum S series.

Extremely small vacuum unit.

Version with built-in collection container: this feature makes the S8 Top independent during the vacuum and material.

S10 ensures perfect balance between air flow and vacuum, offering either configuration with two electric motors or one Diesel.

S30 is a high performance vacuum designed for the recovery and transport of large quantities of product.

The best in the field of industrial vacuums. S40 is a unit that operates in extreme situations thanks to its power Diesel and electric motors.


Heavy duty Industrial vacuum cleaner for the suction of large quantities of powder or granular material.The lower removable container has the capacity of 1.000 lt. and can be easly emptied trough the bottom discharge.

Heavy duty Industrial vacuum cleaner for the suction of large quantities of powder or granular material. It has a capacity of 1.300 lt.

Our locations

Siethom has own locations in Austria, Hungary, Abu Dhabi and Jakarta. We develop real solutions and we always try to optimize your production line. Our well experienced employees will work out for you the best and economic solution.