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Siethom Group is always committed to provide all customers with the best possible solution. Our product range in terms of environmental protection is enormous and we can always offer the customer a solution. Together with Weather Solve Solution we have solutions for wind reduction, dust control and we take care about all installation needs.

Our systems are custom designed to match your situation. This means you get a solution that:

  • Fits your location so your site can continue working the way you designed it.
  • Matches your environment, so that it is ready for all weathers
  • Is optimized for maximum control at a reasonable cost.

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You are looking for a solution to suppress the dust? We have effect requirements for wind reduction and dust control. Our systems are custom designed to match your situation. To put us to work on your dust problem simply contact us. In many cases all we need to get started is a site location, the type of dust, and the height of the main dust sources.

Industrial dust control for a better environment

Slowing wind is the key objective in any dust control strategy as it is wind that causes and distributes dust. Fugitive dust tends to come from two distinct sources. We call it eroded dust and airborne dust. A good windfence will reduce wind speeds to under 40% and fugitive dust to under 16%.

Case Studies

Case Study 1


A major port in Europe has expanded further and further into the settlement area. The authorities were very conscious of the risk of dust blowing on the city. The only solution can be a dust control system. In addition to controlling the dust and dealing with winter ice storms, their challenges included creating full access for an intensive rail system and their ship-loading systems.
Our Solution:
Our team together with the port authorities worked on a suitable solution, which also was made for the weather situations and the port area. The fence panels provide effective control of fine dust movement. The system is flex in the wind and allowing the fence to maintain peak performance.

Case Study 2


A large steel pelletising operation has multiple piles spread over a peninsula of land that is upwind of a popular tourist and residential beachfront area. The right solution was dust system combined to control the wind.
Our Solution:
As a first stage, one smaller pile was chosen for an in depth evaluation. With the aerodynamic design complete, the fence was erected and the now sheltered pile carefully studied using the same instrumentation. The end result was that the measured fence effectiveness of 77% matched the predicted effectiveness within 5%. Some small refinements were made to the model, then the CFD study was extended to cover most of the site. From that study several more kilometers of WeatherSolve wind fences ranging up to 28m high were designed and installed.

Case Study 3


Vale S.A. is the world’s largest producer of iron ore pellets. Their main plant is at Vitoria, a coastal city in Brazil. The Vitoria plant covers approximately 5 square kilometers and is 5 km upwind across an open bay from a major housing area.
Our Solution:
To control the dust from the plant, in 2008 Vale initiated a comprehensive wind fence program. With the dust base level established, a wind fence was then built. After the fence was installed, the monitoring program was run for another 45 days. The results showed an effectiveness of 77.4% in the control of TSP (Total suspended particulate) leaving the yard.
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Our locations

Siethom has own locations in Austria, Hungary, Abu Dhabi and Jakarta. We develop real solutions and we always try to optimize your production line. Our well experienced employees will work out for you the best and economic solution.