Nemax Grab


Iron ore


Pelletized Bauxite

Copper concentrates

Blast furnace sand and Mineral sands


15% lighter

20% faster closing and opening

30% larger footprint


More bulk per cycle

More cycles per hour

Faster cleaning up

Lowest maintenance cost

We innovate the product line of bulk material handling. This type of grab will increase your productivity by at least 10%. The dry bulk grab with the lowest maintenance cost ever. Together with Nemag we always focus to create an innovative grab as dry bulk terminal operators are always looking for ways to increase terminal efficiency. With our product line Nemax we started a new generation in bulk material loading. It is a lighter grab, can faster closing and open and has a larger footprint. With this type of grab your ROI is safe.

Nemax grab. An innovation is born.

Lighter and faster in production

For all investments we know, ROI must be assured. In addition to the economic positive aspect, the quality and long service life is also crucial. Siethom and Nemag guarantee a reliable service program here. We service clients in complete GCC area.

The added value

With the grab line we show maximum effectiveness, comparable to other clamshell grabs. Time is money, to load and unload a shorter time is a big advantage. With this product we guarantee the perfect choice in combination of quality, time and cost.

Faster. Lighter. Stronger.

Nemax, an innovation product line.

Siethom goal is to find the perfect product for each application. We managed to create a grab that will increase your productivity by at least 10%. It will also substantially lower your energy costs and carbon footprint, increase work safety and significantly decrease your maintenance costs. This type of grab is a new generation of four-rope grabs. The nemaX is about 15% lighter than any comparable clamshell grab on the market with a deadweight efficiency of only 25-28%. That means that you can grab more bulk material per cycle, increasing your productivity. The Nemax is also the fastest grab on the market, the optimized closing mechanism enables a 20% shorter closing time.

Our Clients

Kuwait National Petrolium

We have the nemaX grab in operation and Nemag has succeeded in developing a kind of ideal grab.


Innovative product solutions, perfect support and quality.

Quatar Steel

Perfect innovative: light, high volume, fast and easy to control and maintain.

Bahrain Steel

The grab that will increase your productivity and good support.

Abu Dhabi Port

We appreciate the good and informative communication with Nemag and Siethom.

High technology product

This type of grab will increase your productivity and the costs of maintenance will be really low in comparison to competitors.


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Siethom has own locations in Austria, Hungary, Abu Dhabi and Jakarta. We develop real solutions and we always try to optimize your production line. Our well experienced employees will work out for you the best and economic solution.