• Siethom your strong Partner in Industry

    For over 20 years Siethom is trading very successfully with technology products. 1993 in Upper Austria / Linz founded attend today a network of associates your concerns. Siethom has been successful in a very dynamic market claimed by ever shorter product life cycles, a strong price pressure and a very high standard of quality.

  • Wear Protection

    The Siethom Group operates worldwide and develops hundreds of solutions in the field of wear protection every year. We consider ourselves a strong partner and find the right solution in cooperation with our customers.

  • Transfer Point Solution

    Siethom offers bulk materials transfer point products to support and align conveyor belts. Our product range includes conveyor belt alignment, conveyor belt support and conveyor belt sealing.

  • Loading Systems

    The design of a grab is dictated by the nature of the bulk material that needs to be handled. This guarantees optimal performance of the grab. Other important factors to incorporate in the design process are the grab crane and the conditions at the work site.

  • Dustmanagement

    Siethom’s aim is to offer clean solutions for a better environment. We offer products in the areas of low and high pressure technology. Siethom is your worldwide partner for customised complete and standard solutions in the area of dust binding. Our range includes different systems to solve your problems, including dust binding, humidification and irrigation, odour absorption, cooling in the industry sector and various special application.

  • Belt Cleaning Solution

    Because of how belt cleaners function, placing consistent pressure across the width of the belt, it is important for the belt to provide an even surface to press back against the blade. Damage to the belt such as cracking, fraying, delamination or gouges in the top cover, from exposure to chemicals and the elements or even belt misalignment, can create difficulties for the belt cleaners.

  • Vibrating Solutions

    Using the power of the applied vibration, vibrators move the bulk materials while reducing the friction against container walls as well as the internal particle-to-particle adhesion. Bulk material moves more freely and therefore feeds more effectively.

  • Air Cannon

    Siethom has much experience to offer and deliver flow aid solutions. It is not only to sell the products! We optimize your plant, we will find the right and most economic solution for your plant.

  • Sealing technology

    Mechanical seals are sealing elements that work with fluids and are located between the rotating axes and the stationary part of the device. As a rule, they are used in pumps. Mechanical seals were developed to replace seals or stung box packings and their advantages are numerous: leakage reduction, reduced friction which in turn prevents shaft wear and a resulting power drain, reduction of maintenance costs and times as well as the possibility to work with high pressure.

  • Siethom is involved.

    In the past few years Siethom converted a view Application in particular for Clients. For example some agitator got rebuild from a stuffing box packing to a cartridge solution. If you need the knowhow we have we are happy to collaborate with you.

  • Pharmaceutical Industry

    If density, clean solutions, a long-lasting commitment or a reasonable cost structure are not given in your application or production, we are the right Partner for you. Together we will made your production more efficient.

  • Water Preparation

    We know your product. Just give us the name of your pump, your agitator, maybe you are using a Flygt Seal or a KSB Sealing Rings. In our program you can find the right product for you.

  • Food Industry

    The food industry constitute a special application. We offer industry conformable solutions. We are looking forward to your request.

  • Oil and Natural Gas Industry

    The safety of your company is really important to us. Failures are expensive and strain your Manpower. We keep your products in balance.

  • Siethom delivers the sewage technology.

    We can provide a extensive extensive on Mechanical Seal. If you want a tentative offer, we are happy to elaborate one for you. We are looking forward to your request


Siethom delivers a lot of different products

Our portfolio contains a complete range, from project development to design as well as project management and supervision on site all the way to turnkey formal handover for industrial and public objects, office and administration buildings as well as commercial centres.


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Siethom Your Strong Partner in Industries

Siethom has always been innovative and focussed on solutions. Our slogan “We live technology and progress” reflects our daily workflow.

For more than 20 years, we have successfully supported customers in Austria and abroad. Every year we experience high growth and enter new markets. Our success and our numerous references prove us right. Time is money, for us as well as for our customers. That is why we act fast and reliably.

Technologies are constantly being improved, plants need to be optimised and equipped more efficiently. We are familiar with the processes of service and support. We put the customer first, our main aims are reliability and revenue increase. That is what Siethom focusses on. Our experienced team of experts works out the right solution for each customer and each individual application.

Our solutions are effective and sensibly combined with technologies. Clearly structured contents, well communicated to the customers. Technology with appeal.

The Siethom Groups works in a future-oriented way. We consider ourselves a modern company that is constantly developing, alongside our customers and the market. In order to be able to provide our customers with the best solution, we need to know them as well as possible. That is where our slogan “Walk through your plant” comes in. Right at the plant, at the customer’s facility, we investigate the problem until we fully comprehend it and are able to solve it...