Dust Management


Vacuum Cleaning

Since the beginning, we have been concerned with the environment and cleanliness. We offer Vacuum Cleaning products and provide our customers with customized solutions.


Water Cannon

With our range of fog cannons for dust suppression we are global player. Our design for dust control you can use indoor and outdoor. World wide our clients are 100% satisfied with our products.


Dust Collector

Siethom Group is a leading company to offer clean solutions for a better environment. One part of our internal devision are the products of dust collectors. We offer best quality, a support from our team and short delivery time.


Loading Spouts

Our bulk loading spouts eliminate dust, eradicate material losses and increase safety when you are working with bulk solids. With our technology a dust free operation is guranteed.


Dust Solution

All our systems for dust are custom-designed to suit your needs. Weather loads – snow, ice, wind, hail. Effect requirements for wind reduction, dust control, etc. Access requirements and installation needs.

Our locations

Siethom has own locations in Austria, Hungary, Abu Dhabi and Jakarta. We develop real solutions and we always try to optimize your production line. Our well experienced employees will work out for you the best and economic solution.