Dust Management

Siethom’s aim is to offer clean solutions for a better environment. We offer products in the areas of low and high pressure technology. Siethom is your worldwide partner for customised complete and standard solutions in the area of dust binding. Our range includes different systems to solve your problems, including dust binding, humidification and irrigation, odour absorption, cooling in the industry sector and various special application.


Dust Management

Dust Management is all over the world a problem and a big issue for the most producing plants. Especially in the region of the GCC Countries, because these areas are under constant construction and the climation is dry, sandy and windy. Siethom can offer the right solutions, to keep your dust under control. We distinguish between Dust Binding Systems and Vacuum Cleaning Solutions.

Dust Binding Systems:

An effective Dust Management System works to prevent the creation and escape of airborne dust with minimal consumption of energy and water. It avoids unnecessary waste of valuable material, protects sensitive equipment and minimizes any potential explosion risk while ensuring compliance with environmental and workplace regulatory requirements.

Vacuum Cleaning Solutions:

Siethom is Sole Agent of Sibilia for the whole area of the GCC Countries, some regions of the African and Indonesian market. The company was founded 1936 and became now to one of the leading companies worldwide in Industrial Vacuum Systems. Together with the Sale, Engineering and Support structure from Siethom, we can offer our clients a perfect service and a very good pricing.

Our range in Vacuum Cleaning Solutions:

  • Big Vacuums (Serie S)
  • Fixed Vacuum Systems
  • Truck Mounted Units
  • Customized Projects


Dust Supression

Dust Binding

Vacuum Cleaning Solutions

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