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Siethom Group is always committed to provide all customers with the best possible solution. Our product range in terms of environmental protection is enormous and we can always offer the customer a solution. Together with Weather Solve Solution we have solutions for wind reduction, dust control and we take care about all installation needs.

Our systems are custom designed to match your situation. This means you get a solution that:

  • Fits your location so your site can continue working the way you designed it.
  • Matches your environment, so that it is ready for all weathers
  • Is optimized for maximum control at a reasonable cost.

Industrial dust control for a better environment

Slowing wind is the key objective in any dust control strategy as it is wind that causes and distributes dust. Fugitive dust tends to come
from two distinct sources. We call it eroded dust and airborne dust. A good windfence will reduce wind speeds to under 40% and fugitive dust to under 16%.

Our quality standards are very high and all products must meet the following criteria:

durable in all weather conditions, effective, economical and easy to work with


We are continually testing and developing systems to improve durability. As a result, many of our components are unique in the marketplace. This is because off-the-shelf items either don´t exist or have not been designed to the level of strength we require. Testing itself involves measuring abolut strength in critical situations as well as cyclic loading over hundreds of thousands of cycles. We also visit our structures after major wind storms as part of our mainteance program. 


Siethom conducts ongoing research to determine optimum aerodynamics for each and every situations. This includes working with organizations such as the Midwest Research Institute Global an the Center for Study of Open Source Emissions. We take great pride in creating structure that do what they are supposed to do efficiently and effectively. Structures can also be addpated to perform additional functions such as security, shadeor visual barrier. 


With three quarters of the cost devoted to poles and foundations, Siethom lowers price without sacrificing strength by minimizing the number of poles. A pole that is four times as strong for example, costsonly two to three times as strong for example, costs only two to three times as much to build. By using high quality components, Siethom structures require little to no maintenance, saving you even more money. 

Easy to work with

A structure needs to work in a manner that permits easy access around it. Siethom systems allow large spans between poles and greater flexibility in pole placement. This provides many opportunities to position the structure in a way that does not impede plant operations. 

A good windfence will reduce wind speeds to under 40% and fugitive dust to under 16%. 

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Our locations

Siethom has own locations in Austria, Hungary, Abu Dhabi and Jakarta. We develop real solutions and we always try to optimize your production line. Our well experienced employees will work out for you the best and economic solution.