Orange Peel Grab


For difficult-to-handle materials

Load cranes and unloaders

Handle of heavy metal scraps

Handle of heavy shredded scraps and stones

Handle of household waste


Extremely robust design for a long lifespan

Application of wear-resistant and high-tensile steel

Can handle a lot of dry bulk thanks to its low weight


Top volume in relation to its own weight

Extremely robust design

Top performance in productivity and lifetime

European quality product

Orange peel grabs are the best solution for difficult-to-handle materials. All our orange peel grabs are made with the bulk material you want to handle in mind. As with all our grabs, we want to keep your operations costs as low as possible that is why our orange peel grabs are made with the highest possible quality steel, such as Dillidur 400. The orange peel grab’s closing rope guide can also be equipped with low friction cable guides, which will increase the lifespan of the closing cable immensely.

Best solution. High quality.

We believe in quality.

Together with our supplier, we always try to respond to customer needs and also to develop products further. Technology is progress for us and therefore we invest here also in the future. Trust the original here and rely on quality and reliability.

We listen to the wishes of our customers.

Service and support is our top priority. We respond to customer requests, we work out suitable solutions with our customers and we are problem solvers. We have local branches and we are always there for our customers.

The characteristics.

Orange Peel grab.

The orange peel grab is available for 25 to 63 ton load cranes or unloaders. The volumes that this type of grab can handle are up to 17 m3 for scraps and up to 50 m3 for wood chips. The grabs can be equipped with six or eight claws. The grab is available with open, half-open or closed claws. This kind of design gives the orange peel grab a very robust design. This type of grab has an excellent digging power.

Extremely robust design

Orange peel grabs are the best solution for difficult-to-handle materials. Can handle a lot of dry bulk thanks to its low weight.


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