Air Cannon Technology


Coal Mining and Processing




Ports and Terminals


Solution to material flow problem

No more unscheduled outages

No need for water blasting

Improve flow in silo and storages

Easy replace and low maintenace


High quality product from Europe

Perfect support and technical soluations

Safer and clean working conditions

More profit and we improve efficiency

Less wear on your plant equipment

Keep your production line and material flow efficiently. With our Air Cannon products we guarantee best quality and a perfect price policy. We are a global leader in manufacturing industrial Air Cannons and we offer a wide range of applications. At Siethom we always focus to find solutions for our clients. We help keeping your material flowing, we eliminate buildups and your production process is faster and more safety. We can offer a wide range of industry applications for flow aid solutions. With our technology we keep the interior walls of silos, kilns, hoppers and chutes free of obstructions.

Our products to prevent buildups

Air Cannon Technology

Air cannons are highly effective with materials like cement, coal and aggregate. We can offer a wide range of different products and solutions. The elementary principle of Air Blasters operation is to convert the kinetic energy of air to mechanical force by compression-exhaust stroke. The Air Supplied by the main line is filled within the tank consisting of the piston-cylinder assembly. The compressed air is fed into the blasters through a pneumatic control panel.

Available Models

We can offer different sizes of tank volumes. Additionally products like pistons, nozzles, pneumatic panel box and a timer complete our complete Air Cannon technology product range. We guarantee European quality, proofed quality and short delivery time availibility.

Quality. Innovate. Safety.

Our solutions for your plant.

Siethom Airboost Air Cannon is made for a long life cycle. Powerful bursts of air guarantee a material flow.

|   low maintenance

|   simple and easy to install and use

|   big product range for 12,25,50,100,150,200,300 liter

|   Constant product improve

|   Easy replace Nozzles without removing Air Cannons

Our Clients and their feedback

Emirates Global Aluminium

"Top product, easy to install and low maintenance costs."

Viresol kft

"Siethom gave us expert advice and assistance on these products."

Lafarge Holcim

"Perfect product to keep the dust down and help to increase our production."

Vale sa

"If there is a problem, Siethom could always give us their best support."

Saudi aramco

"Products from Siethom fit perfect in our production line. Perfect support and top quality."

Keep material flowing

Air cannons are highly effective with materials like cement, coal and aggregate. We can offer a wide range of different products and solutions.



|   5 to 25 liters available in 50mm pipe diameters

|  50 to 350 liters available in 100mm pipe diameters

|  100 to 600 liters available in 150mm pipe diameters

Explanation article name
  • name: AC
  • size: 50
  • material: J235
  • pipe diameter: 100
  • together: AC-50-J235-100
  • Valve
  • Jets
  • Control units


Our High Temperature Nozzles are Marked as per IS 4522 Grade 9 i.e. best suitable for the current day application.

Low temperature nozzles have also publicized its quality performance at desired sites.


The Pneumatic Control Panel Box along with the Junction Box is assembled with the three-way Solenoid Valve and a Non-Return Valve as well as other hoses to control the operation of blasters to a very great extent.

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Our locations

Siethom has own locations in Austria, Hungary, Abu Dhabi and Jakarta. We develop real solutions and we always try to optimize your production line. Our well experienced employees will work out for you the best and economic solution.