Centuries of experience in the field of material handling make us a strong partner in industry. In order to guarantee unimpeded production processes, many factors have to be taken into consideration. Our products prolong the life span of conveyor systems and ensure correct production processes.

If put to use correctly, Siethom-products guarantee for a resource-conserving production and solve problems related to wear, corrosion and noise in many different parts of the plant.

Targeted uses:

Transfer points
Here, the impact walls and sliding surfaces are under heavy strain. We can offer numerous products in this area. Depending on the material, the angles of the surfaces, surface materials and external factors (temperature, humidity), the life span can significantly be prolonged by using specialised rubber products or polyurethane.

Loading stations
Falling down material damages your conveyor belt or the transfer points.
Our products solve problems in a targeted manner:

  • Maintenance and repair costs are reduced
  • Damages to the belt are effectively prevented
  • Downtimes are minimized, productivity is increased
  • Easy assembling

Apron Seal, our skirting product
Here, we offer four different products.

  • ApronSeal Single Skirting
  • ApronSeal Single Skirting HD
  • ApronSeal Double Skirting
  • ApronSeal Double Skirting HD

The skirting floats on the belt and self-adjusts. No maintenance necessary. Material spillage is prevented.

  • Excellent sealing, also in the case of fine-grained and dusty material
  • No additional pressure on the belt, just the self-weight
  • ApronSeal requires no maintenance, it only needs to be adjusted once upon installation
  • Long life span
  • Swirled up fine dust is held back as well -> effective protection from escape of dust

Case 1:

EVO External wear liner

EVO External wear liner is installed on the outside of the chute wall, simplifying inspection and replacement.

Allows precise alignment of the steel panels to avoid points that entrap material and damage the belt.

Easier inspection and replacement of the wear panels – without having to enter confined spaces.

It was our aim to reduce assembly and maintenance times, avoid danger and increase safety. Before, the wear panels were welded into the inside of the chute, with only the skirting situated outside. The idea of this conventional design was to use wear panels for the protection of the side cover which is usually made out of ¼ inch thick sheet. This, however, is not sufficient to stand the continuous forces of bulk material. It is more beneficial to raise the chute 4 inches above the belt, away from the material, and to position the wear panel outside. That way, the material, just as before, hits the wear panel and the chute is not damaged. 

Case 2:

Self-adjusting skirting

To reduce downtimes caused by manual adjusting, a lever mounted to a clamping plate is used, guaranteeing constant belt sealing.

A self-adjusting skirting adjusts to the degree of wear of the rubber-skirting, irrespective of material volume and the different sizes.

Case 3:

Siethom offers solutions for tail pulley protection.

Low-maintenance belt scrapers prolong the life span of tail pulleys. We offer a complete range of high-performance components for the reduction of sediments of fugitive materials and the improvement of tail pulley protection in any given condition.

Bulk material often bounces off on fast belts and shifts if transported over carrying idlers, which can lead to small amounts of material falling off the belt. Occasionally, in the course of the return run, the belt collects lumps of spilled material on the non-carrying side. If these materials are not removed, they might get trapped between tail pulley and belt, causing severe damage to both.

The tail protection belt plows by Martin Engineering are designed for non-reversing belts and available for normal and heavy duty applications as well as extreme operating conditions.

The diagonal plow is a straight blade design aimed at removing spillage from reversing belts.

Without proper protection, the entrapment of material between belt and tail pulley can become a recurring problem.

Funnel lining
Our team tackles daily problems like deposit build-up, corrosion, wear and noise. Deposit build-ups stop production, corrosion destroys the material and Siethom products and solutions are here to help.

Our products adjust to your surface. We either glue or screw the lining.

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