VIBRAVAR The electronic vibration frequency regulators

VIBRAVAR fully resolves the primary problem of vibration frequency variation in production processes where vibrating machines or systems are used. VIBRAVAR can continuously vary the powering frequency of the electric vibrators from 0 Hz to the maximum value tolerated by the actual vibrator itself.
In brief, VIBRAVAR can be used to:

start and stop, reverse and continuously vary the operating frequency from zero to top rate within the envisaged range by means of the local control panel or a remote control

program starting and stopping times according to specific needs

CFV The vibrating frequency regulating panels

CFV panels are fixed devices for regulating the vibration frequency by means of the VIBRAVAR inside. Simple use, easy to control, compact and safe: these are the main features of the CFV panel. CFV is the technological evolution of the conventional electromechanical frequency converter, the advantage being that it provides variable frequency in a linear way. On specific request, it can also be fitted with controls, protections and operating components.

MULTIVAR The mobile vibration frequency regulator

The MULTIVAR mobile high variable frequency actuators (Italvibras patent N° M0980000021) meet the increasing demands from building sites where reinforced concrete is precast, for equipment able to facilitate the task. MULTIVAR can power up to 8 electric vibrators at the same time with 42V or 400V ratings at variable frequencies. Simple to use, easy to manoeuver, compact and safe: these are the main features of the MULTIVAR frequency regulator.