Transfer Point Solution

Siethom offers bulk materials transfer point products to support and align conveyor belts. Our product range includes conveyor belt alignment, conveyor belt support and conveyor belt sealing.


Chute Structure




EVO® Modular Chute Wall

Pre-engineered, pre-fabricated components make it easy to design and install transfer point skirtboards and stilling zones to manage air flow and control dust. Compatible with EVO® External Wear Liner and Martin® Belt Sealing.

EVO® Stringer System

Stringers and cross members feature a unique “half-hex” design with components angled to resist material accumulation. This proprietary design is as strong as, and price-competitive with, traditional conveyor “C-Channel” structure. Stringers are predrilled for precision component positioning.

EVO® Skirtboard Cover

The EVO® Skirtboard Cover keeps climatic conditions outside and airborne dust inside. Installs simply and reduces cleanup expenses and environmental problems by ‘shedding’ debris and material, to a safe area away from moving parts. Easy removal allows inspection of material and belt movement.