Wave Spring Seals






Recommended for working with sticky uids and uids laden with particles and bres. Unlike the multispring models, the wave spring model cannot be blocked or obstructed and its open leaf design produces a self-cleaning effect.
Standard L9 type stationary part.
Seal compliant with standard EN 12756 (KU). Available with a pumping ring on the casing to re- duce the temperature between the contact surfaces and facilitate the barrier uid movement in the case of double mounting (reference 110F).
Contact surface kits supplied available.

AAx 2



Its mounting dimensions make it a perfect seal for installing in small spaces. The wave spring is not blocked or obstructed when working with uids laden with particles and bres, or viscous uids.


The wave spring is protected from the uid. Ideal for using in cleaning processes since the possibility of particles adhering to the seal is considerably redu- ced.
Internally balanced, with no need for a stepped shaft (LWS10B). Suitable for working in applications with high pressures. The O-ring resting on the shaft does not cause wear as there is no axial movement (chan- ges in pressure).


This mechanical seal is designed for internal and external mounting. Its small mounting size makes it ideal for using in lobe pumps. The wave spring cannot be blocked or obstructed when working with uids laden with particles, sticky or viscous uids. The fact that the rotating part of the mechanical seal is made of stainless steel (the most habitual combi- nation) makes it a resistant, robust seal.