Axial and radial sliding bearings


Carbon, electrographite, reaction bonded silicon carbide


Resin, antimony, white metal


  • Sliding bearings
  • Sliding bearings used for hot water and cold water pumps, industry pumps, chemical pumps, high-pressure gear-pumps and other types of pumps where carbon materials are applied
  • Carbon bearings for various types of machines and devices

Axial-radial sliding bearing applications

  • Chemical industry with chemically aggressive media
  • Petrochemical industry, refinery and oilrigs
  • Pharmaceutical industry (hygienically suitable impregnation)
  • Food industry (hygienically suitable impregnation)
  • Sewage tanks
  • Circulation pumps for cooling in atomic power plants
  • High-pressure gear-pumps

Excellent properties of these materials can be used in following applications

  • Usage of these products in applications without lubricants
  • Useful properties of these material in applications where other materials can not be installed owing to the danger of corrosion, e.g. acids, hydroxides, steams and gases
  • Good usage in liquids which lack any marked lubricating effect, e.g. water, water solutions, petrol, etc.
  • Specific properties of these materials provide permanency of form and thermal stability up to extreme temperatures
  • For sealing applications which are exposed to thermal fluctuations or thermal shocks
  • Excellent properties of these materials in water applications for hot water pumps in which common sealing materials corrode

The most suitable counterface materials

Siclicon carbide, tungsten carbide, aluminium oxide, hard metal, arev cast iron, alloyed and unalloyed steel and nitrided, glass, ceramic