The Trimming Grab is used for the handling of heavy and coarse materials, such as rocks, manganese ore and pig iron.

The Trimming Grab is specifically suited for the handling of heavy and course materials, such as rocks, manganese ore and pig iron. Its extremely favourable digging capabilities for heavy and course materials make the Trimming grab very productive.

Through the specific slim, tall shape the grab can easily get to places in the ship's hull that are normally difficult to reach, like the corners or the ribs of a vessel. The grab is particularly capable of grabbing a large surface thanks to the fact that it can be opened to a large radius. This enables it to very efficiently grab a large surface area, tough loads or bulk from the ship's bottom. It is therefore very suitable for manganese ore, ferro's, granite and coarse ore. For the processing of difficult to reach residual loads and clearing activities, it is an ideal grab that drastically reduces the high costs of cleaning up.

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