Loading Systems

The design of a grab is dictated by the nature of the bulk material that needs to be handled. This guarantees optimal performance of the grab. Other important factors to incorporate in the design process are the grab crane and the conditions at the work site.


Scissors grab

The Scissors grab is perfectly suited for large-scale dry bulk handling. It is efficient both for handling coal and ore, biomass, concentrate and bauxite.

The Scissors grab is available with lifting powers up to 120 tons Safe Working Load. Volumes can exceed 60 m3, e.g. for coal. The Scissors grab is very suitable for handling (sticky) coal and ore, minerals, biomass, concentrates and bauxite. The Scissors grab is available with an open or half-closed shell.


The Scissors grab has the highest average productivity and is known for its stability on sloping surfaces. It has excellent cleaning-up capabilities, very good digging and filling specifications and extremely short cycle times. The robust design guarantees long life expectancy and low maintenance costs.

The added value of the scissors grab

  • Highest average productivity because it extends the free digging phase
  • Extremely favourable cleaning-up capabilities, reducing the cleaning-up phase
  • The favourable centre of gravity saves time because the grab does not topple over
  • Reduced risk of ship’s damage thanks to grab design and horizontal digging curve
  • Lower operational costs thanks to reduced deployment of trimming machines and staff
  • Very low maintenance costs per ton material handled
  • Grab can be changed without climbing into the grab
  • Specifically suited for use with automated gantry cranes