Rope pear socket

The Rope Pear Socket is a specifically designed end connection to attach to steel wire ropes, forming an strong connection for 
attaching other wire ropes and chains.

Using the Nemag Rope Pear Socket a strong connection can be made, and the rope can be coupled to other ropes and chains in the best possible way; and even more so in combination with the Nemag Quick Release Link. The Nemag Rope Pear Socket is cast from high-grade austenic manganese steel and generally lasts longer than the steel wire rope itself. Austenic manganese steel combines a great thoughness and a high resistance to wear.

Advantages of the Nemag Rope Pear Socket

  • The Nemag Rope Pear Socket is designed to, in combination with the Nemag Quick Release Link, smoothly pass over cable sheaves.
  • The life span of the Nemag Rope Pear Socket generally surpasses that of the steel wire rope.
  • The Rope Pear Socket can be fitted by casting with a 2-component casting mass without the need for outside assistance, and ensures a strong connection.

Our range of Rope Pear Sockets is suited to any type of steel wire rope.

Hard Facts

  • Minimal fracture load of 10.000 - 240.000 kg
  • Safe workloads of 1.500 - 42.500 kg (when gripping device is in operation)
  • Robust design
  • High-grade wear-resistant casted steel
  • Optimal fit and suited for sheave passage trolley or crane