Loading Systems

The design of a grab is dictated by the nature of the bulk material that needs to be handled. This guarantees optimal performance of the grab. Other important factors to incorporate in the design process are the grab crane and the conditions at the work site.


Quick release link

Changing the largest grab in a mere few minutes, it’s possible with the Nemag Quick Release Link.

The Nemag Quick Release Link is developed to enable quick and straightforward coupling and uncoupling of grabs on cranes. The Nemag Quick Release Link is also being used with great success in other applications where loads frequently have to be coupled or uncoupled using steel wire ropes and/or chains.

The Nemag Quick Release Link is made up of a C-section and a locking piece. The C-section and the separate locking piece are made of special steel. The contact surfaces of the C-section have been hardened to achieve a long life span. The sealed locking piece is well protected against damage and dirt.

Advantages of the Nemag Quick Release Link

  • The Nemag Quick Release Link is fitted to all Nemag grabs as standard, and is in addition also suitable for all grabs from other manufacturers.
  • The Nemag Quick Release Link has been balanced and perfected to become the most reliable, quickest and safest coupling method for ropes and chains.
  • The Nemag Quick Release Link contributes to the efficiency of bulk handling, because the grabs can be changed in no time using the Nemag Quick Release Link and Rope Pear Socket. This guarantees optimal productivity of the crane. (4-rope grabs for a 40 ton crane can, for example, be changed in 10 minutes by one person)
  • The contact surfaces of the C-section have been hardened, which considerably lengthens the life span.
  • The construction of the locking piece ensures reliable functioning; even under severe circumstances.
  • The locking pieces are interchangeable.
  • The ingenious locking piece guarantees maximum safety.
  • The Nemag Quick Release Link stands out because of its great userfriendliness and extremely quick functioning.
  • The quality and safe functioning of the Nemag Quick Release Link is checked continuously through internal procedures.
  • If desired it can be supplied with a 3.2 mark (for example L.R.S. or A.B.S.)

Hard Facts

  • Minimal fracture load of 25.000-260.000 kg
  • Safe workloads of 3.000-42.500 kg (when gripping device is in operation)
  • C-section of high-grade steel, refined to a tensile strength of 1000-1100 N/mm2
  • Locking piece of high-grade steel, refined to a tensile strength of 800-1000N/mm2