Loading Systems

The design of a grab is dictated by the nature of the bulk material that needs to be handled. This guarantees optimal performance of the grab. Other important factors to incorporate in the design process are the grab crane and the conditions at the work site.


Feeding and Propotioning

A considerable number of solid feeders have been specifically developed to deliver powder, granular and other bulk materials along a process line, or to and from process units, storage silos or hoppers, conveyors, etc.

We supply units for feeding and proportioning materials into low positive pressure and vacuum systems, such as rotary feeders, screw conveyors and flapper gates.

Rotary Feeder Type A

TYPE “A” rotary feeders have been specifically designed to release material at relatively fixed rates and to provide a discharge seal on dust collectors. It may be used for other similar discharge or feeder applications, such as vacuum pneumatic conveying duties where there is no pressure drop across the valve when feeding.

The rotor of our TYPE “A” rotary feeders is made of fabricated steel with closed ends. The end plates provide a more rigid construction.

Operating pressure range: up to 750 mmH2O (30 "wg).

Screw Conveyor

Screw conveyors are extensively used in bulk handling processes as they play a very important role in the drive towards improved quality, reduced costs, increased capacity, better working and flexibility in solids processing.

Our Screw Conveyors offer many favourable features:

  • Simplicity of design and operation with few moving parts.
  • Very robust construction.
  • Fabrication can be with finishes for abrasive materials and powder or granular solids.
  • Tubular or U-trough enclosures.
  • Intermediate supports, with pressurisation.
  • Sizes up to 500 mm diameter.
  • Inclination from horizontal to vertical.

Flapper Gate

Flapper Gates are specially designed air locks used to introduce abrasive or lumpy materials into possitive pressure or vacuum process systems. These units basically consist of two doors or gates that alternately open and close to permit the passage of the material from the supply point into the process line.

The operating pressure differential is up to 1 bar gauge (15 psig).

These gates are motor driven or work under gravity. Pneumatic or hydraulic operated on demand. INGESOA® supplies custom configurations to meet a variety of application needs. These range from high temperature and high abrasion, to very large gates for high capacity and severe duty.