Loading System

The design of a grab is dictated by the nature of the bulk material that needs to be handled. This guarantees optimal performance of the grab. Other important factors to incorporate in the design process are the grab crane and the conditions at the work site.


Loading System

Perfect products and solutions for powder residues and bulk handling.

Intelligent transport and handling systems for narrow spaces, customised solutions and patented technologies. Our products are state-of-the-art, we minimise loading times and reduce material loss. Our innova - tive bulk handling products will be of great benefit to you. Comprehensive product range. Engineered solutions. We constantly aim to adjust our technologies to our customers’ needs. Numerous world-wide references prove our competence and make us your perfect partner.


Product range:


Scissors grab

Clamshell grab

Cactus grab

Trimming grab

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Rope pear socket

Airslide Conveying

Silo Discharge

Feeding and Propotioning

Pneumatic Conveying

Bulk Loading


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