Siethom’s aim is to offer clean solutions for a better environment. We offer products in the areas of low and high pressure technology. Siethom is your worldwide partner for customised complete and standard solutions in the area of dust binding. Our range includes different systems to solve your problems, including dust binding, humidification and irrigation, odour absorption, cooling in the industry sector and various special application.


Vacuum Cleaning Solutions

Serie S Big Vacuums

These units are the result of SIBILIA's considerable experience in the field of industrial suction systems and the construction of vacuum pumps. They can be used in any environment where cleaning or the transport of cosiderable quantities of dusty, granular, liquid or muddy material in incorporated containers or silos or forkable pre-seperators of 1 or more m³ is required.

S5 S8 S8-40 S10 S10-45 S20 S30
Electrical power kW 15 22 30 37 45 55 90
Diesel power kW - 32,5 44 66 - 97 127
Air flow m³/h 800 1300 1300 2000 2200 3200 4000
Vacuum max DaPa 7000 7000 8200 7000 7000 7000 7000
Main filter cm² 27000 120000 120000 160000 160000 260000 260000
Safety filter cm² 17400 18000 18000 95000 95000 130000 130000

The filtering system is composed of a primary, fabirc, pocket filter and safety cartirdge is class M; also available in the absolute version certified for the suction of noxious dust such as asbestos (class H).

The self-cooling lobe pumps are extremely reliable and can reach extremely high vacuum and air capacity levels.



Containers of various shapes and sizes, practical and efficient, all fitted with extremely high performance cyclones. Used with our large-scale suction systems they permit the collection of various materials with the relative handling and emptying through the opening on the bottom or the lateral chute. Available in sizes from 0.5 to 2m³.

Fixed vacuum systems

Powerful, compact suction systems which, used with our filter hoppers, create high performance centralised systems, even with extensive piping. They can be used in all industrial fields.

The creation of a centralised suction system certainly has many advantages:

  • Recovering materials within the production cycle
  • Transferring the materials to a predefined collection point to then dispose of them in Big Bags or put them back into the production cycle
  • Keeping the production lines clean and efficient,thereby reducing maintenance costs
  • Improving the quality of the environment in your company
  • Improving the safety of the work environment, reducing the risks of accidents

Central vacuum units

Side channel Roots Pump
Electrical power kW 7,5 11 15 22 15 22 30 37 55
Air flow m³/h 850 1100 1300 2200 800 1300 1300 2000 3200
Vacuum max DaPa 3000 3500 3500 3500 7000 7000 8200 7000 7000
Safety filter cm² 95000 95000 95000 95000 17400 18000 18000 95000 130000

Filter hoppers

With cyclone and pocket filter Roots Pump
Filter surface cm² 25000 80000 160000 270000 252000
Container lt 160 500/1000 1000 1000 100
Vacuum max DaPa 8000 8000 8000 8000 3500

Customized projects

Our technical office can develop tailored to clients' specific needs using CAD 2D and 3D.

Truck mounted units

Powerful and versatile, this range permits suction of all types of material: gravel and rubble up to 60mm in diameter or the finest of dusts inclined to clog, sludges and liquids. All the diesel versions have independent auxiliary engines permitting a considerable reduction of fuel consumption while functioning, and use of lorries already in the clients' posession. All versions available with electric engine.

All our versions are independent units in that they have their own independent auxiliary engines.


We offer containers of various types holding from 3 to 12m³ fitted with a highly efficient cyclone or filter positioned internally: in special cases both these solutions can be adopted at the same time.


Installation may be made on lorries or trailers with fixed truck bed or swap systems such as mobile bodies or hydraulic arms. This way the same vehicle can be used for different purposes.