Belt Cleaning Solution

Because of how belt cleaners function, placing consistent pressure across the width of the belt, it is important for the belt to provide an even surface to press back against the blade. Damage to the belt such as cracking, fraying, delamination or gouges in the top cover, from exposure to chemicals and the elements or even belt misalignment, can create difficulties for the belt cleaners.







Twist™ Tensioner

The patented Martin® Twist™ Tensioner uses energy from a twisted rubber coupling to supply consistent belt cleaning pressure with minimal adjustment

Carryback Capture System

Martin® Carryback Capture System scavenger conveyor technology improves belt cleaning in tough conditions. The system is designed to return carryback from secondary and tertiary belt cleaners to the main cargo stream.

Belt Splice Patch Kit

Martin® Splice Patch kit is a simple-to-use, fast-curing system for the repair and reconstruction of conveyor belts and and other elastomeric components. Convenient pre-measured kits provide quality repairs of many industrial materials.

Pressure Roller Bracket

The Martin® Vibrating Dribble Chute uses an electric vibrator and a low adhesion plastic liner to keep material from clogging chutes and burying belt cleaners.

Spring and Air Tensioners

To allow belt cleaning systems to meet plant requirements, Martin® belt cleaner and belt scraper tensioners are available in spring, air and water models.

Spring Tensioner XHD

A compressed spring allows the Martin® XHD Spring Tensioner to maintain belt cleaner pressure, while absorbing splice impact. This belt scraper tensioner incorporates a rugged blade and sturdy mainframe for wider, high tonnage belts.