An effective upkeep of your plant will reduce the total cost of maintenace.

Our clients know this perfect program „Walk The Belt“ very well. They use the possibility to keep their plant state of the art.

What does the program „Walk The Belt“ mean?

A technician from Siethom will control your plant units like chutes, tracking, cleaners, belts, dust control and other components. This program should increase productivity and reduce downtime.

Every conveyor is different, so we have to work out a specific inspection plan based on the design, capacity, throughput and the level of fugitative material.

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We are looking for distribution partner!

Siethom is a global operating company. For our products and solutions we are looking for resellers in different countries.

  • Middle East:
    • Saudi Arabia
    • Qatar
  • Indonesia:
    • Jakarta
  • Australia
  • North America
  • South America
  • Africa

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Solutions for cement industry

One of our daily business is to find solutions in the complete area of cement industry. We have installed in the year 2008 an own branch in Middle East and have a very good and close partnership with our clients.
One of our experts will find the right solution for:

To find the right belt cleaning solution. Siethom has an exclusivity with Martin Engineering. We are the sole agent fort he whole area in Middle East.

To work out an effective transfer point solution. Siethom offers bulk material transfer point products to support and align conveyor belts. Siethom also will find the right product and installation for conveyor skirting, wear liner, modular chute walls and pulley plows.

Problems in material flow can stop or reduce an operation´s effenciency and productivity. Siethom can offer the right solution. We will work out a proposal for an Air Cannon solution.

Almost every cement plan has their dust problems. Do not look away, it is a problem we all together have to work on it. We do not just install and walk away. Siethom can offer smart solutions in dust management. You will find on our website a lot of different examples for a suitable solution.

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