Air Cannon

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Tornado Retrofit Valve

Martin® Tornado Retrofit Valve upgrades the performance of existing air cannons to positive-firing systems.

XHV Retrofit Valve

The Martin® XHV Retrofit Valve upgrades existing systems with improved output and reduced service with Extra High Velocity technology.

Air Cannon Controller

The Martin® Air Cannon Controller energizes the solenoid valves to control the discharge for a system of up to six Martin® Air Cannons.

Thermo Safety Shield

The Martin® Thermo Safety Shield acts as a safety barrier to allow timely and safe maintenance of air cannon systems. It protects employees from exposure to severe temperatures so that maintenance can take place safely and productions stays on schedule.

Removable Nozzle

The Martin® Removable Nozzle is a new idea in air cannon maintenance, removable high-temperature nozzle,eliminates the time, hassle and expense of standard nozzle replacement.

Tornado Exhaust Upgrade Kit

The Martin® Tornado Exhaust Upgrade increases performance of XHV Valves to positive-firing systems.

Thermo Safety Shield - Automatic Slide Gate

Controlled by two air lines from the existing solenoid bank, a pair of pneumatic cylinders open the Martin® Thermo Safety Shield Automatic Slide Gate, which in turn triggers the Air Cannon (AC) to fire. Once the cannon has fired and the electrical signal from the solenoid bank drops, the pneumatic cylinders return the slide gate to it's closed position.